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If you would like to hear the full tracks, you can stream the album on most services: Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Pandora, Deezer, Shazam, Napster, etc.






I started playing classical piano at 4, followed by violin at 8, and soon after was lured by the siren call of jazz. Joining the Jazz Studies Course at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, I studied voice and arranging and was blessed with the tutelage of some greats, including Roger Frampton and Mike Bukovsky.


At the heady age of 18, I was doing the rounds of Sydney jazz clubs, including The Basement and Soup Plus, and for many years toured Australia in concerts, world music and folk festivals.  Between times I was writing and publishing short stories, which gradually got shorter, and then shortened into song lyrics, which led to songwriting and my first album of original music, LIGHT.

It has been an endless curiosity that has driven a life-long dive into many types of music, cultures and philosophies. 

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There have been many years spent learning and training with some very skilled practioners, and I have ended up with a disparate collection of disciplines that are nontheless connected at a deeper level.

At core, the essence of what I hope to impart is the same, regardless of whether it is in the corporate environment, stage, performance, singing, songwriting or mindfulness: to inspire and facilitate the realisation and expression of everyone's unique essence.

Along with live performances, these days I am available as a vocal coach, through my own company Vibrant Voices and through Sydney Singing Lessons.


I have always been drawn to light, especially when it sparkles on water or shines through a drop of rain on a petal, or the full moon lighting up the back garden. When I’m writing a song, in the back of my mind is the awareness of light and sound as two kinds of vibrations that can alter the shape of our emotions.

So sound for me is like liquid light illuminating new perspectives.


​I wanted the lyrics in these songs to be like a kaleidoscope, reflecting the different experiences we have of light and shadow in our lives, and hope in some small way these songs illuminate and soothe the dark places and brings us back to a place of light.

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