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I have developed a unique approach which incorporates leading-edge techniques in advanced presentation design and voice production, behavioural modeling and group dynamics, to help create personal and organisational excellence. I combine a series of easily applied techniques with coaching on how to use your individual style to sustain a dynamic and powerful voice and a confident, congruent presence.

This may include using highly interactive training methods and behavioural models (including DiSC and MBTI), for either groups or individuals, to help gain a clearer understanding of themselves, their clients and colleagues.

My approach draws on many years working in the media, business and the arts. Before starting my own consultancy, I  spent over ten years working in TV and Media production including the ABC, Channels 7 and 10.


After completing  a B.A. in Communications at University of Technology Sydney, I spent 3 years as a Corporate Public Relations Consultant. As a qualified  NLP Master Practitioner I tailor each programme to the needs of each individual client.

Corporate Collaboration


Understanding self and others: one of the things we all want to for people to understand our point of view and appreciate ideas. Why is this sometimes so difficult to achieve?

Organsiations regularly make collaboration an important part of their mission. However collaboration is a just a label and means something different to each person.

Collaboration is a series of micro-habits and until these are mastered we go back to our unconscious communications patterns. I utilise a series of step-by-step techniques which makes collaboration a dynamic, creative and engaging process, while clearing stress and frustration. I also use mindfulness practice as part of understanding and managing our own responses.

Each program is tailor made for your organisation's needs.



LET: Leadership Effectiveness Training

The Leadership Circle 360 Profile

DiSC Behavioural Model

Confliction Resolution Training

Play of Life Coaching Model

NLP Master Pracititioner

NLP Advanced Facilitation

TaKeTiNa Facilitator

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