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TaKeTiNa allows deep immersion into the flow of rhythm using a unique playful and joyous approach.  It helps reduce stress in our busy lives and encourages relaxation.

So what is Ta KeTiNa? It's pure rhythm and meditation, a profoundly transformational and unique process.  It requires no musical experience.

In our current lives the pace and pressure often pulls us away from how we'd like to live each day.  It can result in us being reactive and making choices and interacting with those around us in ways we regret.

TaKeTiNa is a vehicle that helps us come back into balance with ourselves.  On a TaKeTiNa journey we have a profound experience of the dance between chaos and order.  We use our bodies and voices to dive deeply into different rhythms that aids us trusting our own inner rhythm and pulse which can lower our heart rate and release stress hormones.

I am an accredited TaKeTiNa teacher, and run regular public programs. Call me for details.

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