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"I just attended Anne Maree's"Confidence Workshop" on Saturday. Wow! I'd recommend it to anyone. We were given a bunch of really good techniques to increase our confidence when performing. What I found even more interesting was when people really nailed these techniques their performances were so much more emotionally engaging for the audience. It felt like the songs were really being sung from the heart, which is something I'm sure all singers aspire towards.  An excellent workshop!


"Anybody who works with Anne Maree should feel lucky to work with such a beautiful, caring, professional coach. I know I'm blessed to have done so. She's inspirational, quirky, and knows her stuff. Working with Anne Maree has been a delight from the moment I walked in. She sees the best in me and works hard to help me see the same in myself. I feel very connected with her and this as allowed me to let down my guard and trust her from the beginning. I had a lot of nerves when I started and her nurturing nature helped me unlock the confidence I had within to allow my voice to flow.

She was quick to understand the style of learning that suits me and to show

me what my strengths are and how to foster these and which areas I need

to develop further. She is always fully engaged and focussed on me and ensures I get the best use of every lesson.



"Over several years Anne Maree has nurtured and guided my performance career. Not only my voice, she has helped encourage my spirit and passion for singing and performing. Her extensive knowledge in so many techniques, skills and strategies has enable me to have a library of tools which I use when I'm singing, acting or dancing and in everyday life! Her eclectic style in music, songwriting and teaching inspires inner consciousness and spirit that can help bring out the "WOW Factor" in any performer.


"In the past few months of being taught by Anne Maree, I'm delighted to say the amount of improvement in my vocal ability is quite substantial.  Her way of adjusting her teaching to suite my personal way of learning made the process so much easier.  She's helped me find my confidence in my own voice, which was my major goal when I started. Even more important than the improvement is how I understand what's happening in my voice and how each element in my technique influence my sound in a song. We deconstructed and recreated how I sing. I've learnt ways to refine each element of my technique and rectify any issues that arise. All this in a few short months!! I find Anne Maree to be delightful, exciting and she has the most beautiful, caring soul you could ever wish for in a teacher or friend. I have loved my lessons and fully appreciate the experience. Highly recommended!"


"By the end of my very first session with Anne Maree I felt like I'd known her forever. There's no substitute for feeling completely at ease and comfortable with your singing coach! Her extensive experience, theoretical knowledge and share intuitive perception helped me trust her implicitly.

Her beautifully centred and holistic approach inspires mindfulness and deep

authentic learning in the session and beyond. Anne Maree, you rock!"


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