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Hello and welcome to Vibrant Voices.

I’m Anne Maree Wilshire.


I coach speakers, leaders and presenters to use their voice powerfully and love the sound of their voice.  To speak with confidence, heart and natural authority so their voice carries the emotion and conviction of their message.



Public speaking can be a nightmare for most people. And now in 2020 many people are jumping in to speaking on line, running meetings, posting video content and developing online courses and blogs.


Not being able to articulate yourself well in front of a crowd – live or online – can impact the audience’s view of you and create many forms of miscommunication. I believe your voice is your power tool.


Through decades of practical and academic experience, I have created a tool kit of habits that help my clients quickly free their voice problems and craft their unique message to be memorable, through my programme The Confident Voice.


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I started playing classical piano at 4, followed by violin at 8, and soon after was lured by the siren call of jazz. Joining the Jazz Studies Course at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, I studied voice and arranging and was blessed with the tutelage of some greats, including Roger Frampton and Mike Bukovsky.


At the heady age of 18, I was doing the rounds of Sydney jazz clubs, including The Basement and Soup Plus, and for many years toured Australia in concerts, world music and folk festivals.  Between times I was writing and publishing short stories, which gradually got shorter, and then shortened into song lyrics, which led to songwriting and my first album of original music, LIGHT.

It has been an endless curiosity that has driven a life-long dive into many types of music, cultures and philosophies. 

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