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With over 30 years singing experience in professional performance, recording and coaching we will give you the power tools you need to sing in any situation.

Whether it’s recording for the first time or your hundredth time, singing with musicians, performing live shows, audition technique, karaoke, group singing and performing, solo work, or just carrying a tune and liking what you hear in the shower we are here to help!

I use the world’s finest vocal coaching techniques to help you achieve your vocal potential. Everyone has their own, unique voice and in our expert singing lessons that is what we want to bring out!

Solid techniques to help you sing with ease, stopping your straining, developing your musicality and most importantly having fun!






No one else sounds like you and that is your BIGGEST asset. Trying to sing and sound like someone else is fine for some, but that goes against your voices natural style and tone. Remember: the world LOVES individuals! You only have to look at the most popular singers of all time and what do they have in common? Their own unique sound, that was all theirs.

I also love working with actors and dancers who want to develop their "triple threat", having spent 8 years as a resident teacher at the Ensemble Acting School and Drama Action, and work with many grads from WAAP, VCA and NIDA.

At the end of the day we all have issues with our voice, but we will conquer them together. One by one we will help your true singing voice immerge and touch people’s ears, but more importantly to touch their hearts.

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